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AACC News & Reports

New Members

  • The AACC organizes an Economic Panel on Bahrain

  • The AACC organizes an Egyptian-Austrian B2B Meeting

  • SG Khouja gives a lecture on "Economy and Islam" at the Austrian Museum for Economy








  • Al-Kwader Group
  • BASU GmbH
  • Central National - Gottesman Europe GmbH
  • Gerhard Huber Agrarsolutions e.U
  • Jaad Car GmbH
  • JAF Global GmbH
  • Mandressi GmbH
  • M-U-T Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH
  • Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Metin Akyürek
  • Sanovet GmbH
  • The Ritz-Carlton Vienna
  • Unicon Management Consultancy



  • Celebrate 1001 Arabian Nights at the Grand Hotel Wien
  • Michelin's tribute to Restaurant "Edvard" at Palais Hansen Kempinski
  • Merger & Acquisition Training Seminars by IMAA Institute, June 2015
  •  الغرفة تقيم ملتقى اقتصاديا حول البحرين
  • الغرفة تنظم ملتقى اقتصادي مصري نمساوي
  • الأمين العام الخوجه يلقي محاضرة عن (الاقتصاد والاسـلام) في المتحف النمسـاوي للاقتصاد


AACC News & Reports

The Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC)

organizes an Economic Panel on Bahrain



In cooperation with the Vienna Economic Chamber (WKW) and the Bahrain Economic Development Board, the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) organized an economic panel called : Bahrain: Gateway to the GCC on Wednesday, 4th of March 2015.



Panel & approx. 120 visitors


The meeting, which was convened in the Vienna Economic Chamber, attracted a great presence on the diplomatic and economic levels, among them H.E. Mr. Mohammed Salloum, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, H.E. Mr. Hossam Al-Husseini, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Kommerzialrat Nabil Kuzbari, the Vice‑President of the AACC, and high-ranked representatives of the embassies of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Morocco, Oman, Poland and Hungary. Representatives from the Mission of the League of Arab States to Austria and the Permanent Mission of the Gulf Cooperation Council to the United Nations in Vienna, also participated in the meeting, together with more than 120 businessmen and representatives of Austrian companies interested in trade and economic relations with the Gulf region.



Right-to-left: KommR Nabil Kuzbari – H.E. Amb. Mohammed Al‑Salloum, Saudi Arabia – H.E. Amb. Hossam Al-Husseini, Jordan


By proxy for the President Dipl.-Ing. Walter Ruck, the Director of the Vienna Economic Chamber Mag. Heinz Wollinger opened the meeting with a welcome speech in which he expressed his appreciation for the distinguished relations between Austria and the Arab states. He pointed out that the local Economic Chamber in Vienna wanted to contribute to the strengthening and developing of these relations, in order to serve the economic and commercial interests of both sides.


Senator Dr. Richard Schenz, President of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce emphasized in his speech on the historical depth of Bahrain, which extends for 6000 years and witnessed during this period the interaction with multiple cultures and civilizations. He pointed out that Bahrain was known since ancient times as a trading center and that it has currently the ideal conditions in terms of the tax system.


The Austrian Ambassador to Kuwait and responsible for Bahrain, Mag. Ulrich Frank made a presentation on the political situation in Bahrain and how liberal the country was, noting in this context to the presence of Christians and Jewish members in the Bahraini parliament. He also mentioned that the Bahraini authorities recently granted a piece of land to build a church on it.


In his presentation, Mr. Sebastian Gerlach, Business Development Manager for the DACH region of the Bahrain Economic Development Board spoke about the economic development witnessed by the Kingdom of Bahrain, and that ongoing reforms & regulatory improvements have made Bahrain the freest economy in the Arab World for 20 consecutive years, which makes it ideal for partnerships and economic cooperation. In addition, Bahrain is ranked in the first place as the “most favorable tax regime in the world”.



Left-to-right: Dr. Oskar Andesner, WKO – Dipl.-Ing. Mouddar Khouja, AACC – H.E. Amb. Mag. Ulrich Frank – Dr. Gabriele Führer, WKW – Senator Dr. Richard Schenz, AACC – Mr. Werner Braunöck – Mr. Sebastian Gerlach


Mr. Werner Braunöck, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Narmo Capital based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, spoke of his expertise as foreign investor in Bahrain. He pointed out that the decision of his company to transfer its headquarters to Bahrain came after an in-depth feasibility study of a number of countries. They settled on Bahrain for several reasons, among them the lower cost of living compared to other global financial capitals and the favorable tax regime.


The meeting was moderated by Eng. Mouddar Khouja, Secretary General of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce who also made a presentation on the Kingdom of Bahrain, past and present until the British occupation, then the end of the British protectorate of Bahrain in 1969. He mentioned that Bahrain held a referendum in 1970 under the auspices of the United Nations which ended in favor of Bahrain being an Arab country independent of Iran; the Declaration of Bahrain's independence came on August 15, 1971. He pointed out that Bahrain was the first country among the Gulf states, which embarked on girls' education and established their first girl school in the region in 1929. He also mentioned that Bahrain was the first Gulf state in which oil was discovered in 1932. During his presentation, Eng. Khouja also thanked Dr. Gabriele Führer, Director of the Foreign Trade Department at the Vienna Economic Chamber, for the coordination and cooperation in this event.


At the end the participants had the opportunity for get-together and networking among business owners, economists and diplomat, over an original Oriental buffet and “Fellinger Royal” halal-conform, non-alcoholic sparkling drinks.


Bahrain4 Bahrain5  






The AACC organizes an Egyptian-Austrian B2B Meeting


 Report 1


In cooperation with the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Austria, the Egyptian Commercial Office in Vienna, the Vienna Business Agency and the Austrian Association for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce organized a special B2B meeting on Thursday, February 26, 2015 between the members of a high-level economic delegation from Egypt and representatives of major Austrian companies.


The meeting was held in the Expat Center of the Vienna Business Agency and was attended by representatives of more than 60 Austrian and Egyptian companies. Counsellor Nabil Kuzbari, Vice-President of the Austro-Arab Chamber opened the meeting by welcoming the attendees and stressing on the importance of Egypt from the strategic, historical and geographical aspects. He pointed out that Egypt is a big country with diverse possibilities of investment in various areas. He also mentioned that the Austrian side is showing at the same time interest in investments and partnerships with Egypt.

 Report 2


H.E. Dr. Khaled Shamaa, Egypt's ambassador to Austria explained that his country welcomed the Austrian investors, pointing to the existence of an institutional-based effort to support the economic exchange between Egypt and Austria. He thanked the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce for its initiative to organize the meeting.


Eng. Mohamed El Sewedy, Chairman of the Federation of Egyptian Industries emphasized on the facilities offered to investors in Egypt, through fundamental changes to investment laws to provide the right climate to attract foreign investment into the country. He called for the support of the Egyptian industry, as the Egyptian market is the entrance key to the African market as well.


Mr. Emad Taymour, President of the Business Council of the Egyptian-Austrian Friendship Association expressed his wish to have the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce as a partner of the Council in Austria. This idea was welcomed by Counsellor Nabil Kuzbari, the Vice-President of the Austro-Arab Chamber.


On the Austrian side, Mr. Andreas Gnesda, President of the Austrian Association for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Gewerbeverein) and member of the AACC Board of Directors introduced the association and stressed that Austria has advanced technologies which could form a good base for cooperation between Austria and Egypt.


Mr. Daniel Chladek, Regional Manager for International Service in the Vienna Business Agency expressed that Austria welcomes Egyptian investors who are looking for investment opportunities, pointing out that the agency is the entity providing the necessary services to foreign investors.


The attending Austrian and Egyptian businessmen made short presentations to introduce their companies, followed by B2B meetings. Both the Egyptian and Austrian side expressed a desire to expand the framework of economic relations between them.


Report 3a 


In this context, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce and the Egyptian-Austrian Friendship Association in order to strengthen relations between Austria and Egypt.





 SG Khouja gives a lecture on
“Economy and Islam” at the Austrian Museum for Economy


On 24th February 2015, the Secretary General of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce Eng. Mouddar Khouja was invited as an expert speaker to hold a lecture on the topic “Economy and Islam” at the Austrian Museum of Economy.



In his presentation, the Secretary General identified the main sources of  Islamic jurisprudence and of Islamic economy, and introduced basic Islamic economic values. He explained the principles of Islamic economics and definition of relevant technical terms in Islamic economic system and concluded his lecture with an overview and the potential of Islamic banking and its products.

The lecture was followed by a lively question-and-answer session and discussion with the audience that consisted of approx. 40 guests.





New Members 

The AACC is honoured to welcome and introduce NEW MEMBERS in 2015:

Al-Kwader Group

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia




BASU GmbH - Healthcare
Schmaler Graben 13, A-3400 Klosterneuburg

Tel.  +43 2243 26 410
Fax  +43 2243 20 710
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  
Internet: www.basu.at




Central National - Gottesman Europe GmbH


Central National Europe represents the European division of the Central National-Gottesman Inc. Group, the leading privately owned worldwide sales organization in the pulp and paper industry.



For further information please refer to www.cng-inc.com


Central National - Gottesman Europe GmbH

Altmannsdorfer Strasse 74
1120 Vienna, Austria
tel   +43 1 600 63 10 -   0
fax  +43 1 600 63 10 - 48




GHAgrarsolutions Logo


Gerhard Huber Agrarsolutions e.U


Consultancy – Project & Political Support – Funding



Agrarsolutions e. U. is dedicated to helping leaders solve critical strategic issues, enhance the brand of their companies and accelerate growth. We support our clients short or long term in the realization of projects and always intend to provide them with all our resources and a clear benefit. We understand the political and economic trends that impact the industry and have a respective track record across national boundaries and a variety of agricultural industrial and business sectors.


Gerhard Huber Agrarsolutions e.U

Kramergasse 9/5

1010 Vienna, Austria






Jaad Car GmbH



Need a luxury car or chauffeur service!

Jaadcar offers you the choice of world top brands.



Jaadcar offers a wide array of luxury and exotic rental vehicles in Vienna and other European cities. The company has grown steadily since then both in terms of its size and resources. Over a period of time, jaadcar have gained considerable experience and exposure in dealing with varied clients and have acquired deep understanding of their expectations and needs. Our continuous effort in providing the highest standard of services and quality has resulted in a long list of satisfied and repeated clientele.


Our services


Luxury car hire: Jaadcar has one of the best fleet in Vienna encompassing of wide range of cars including Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, BMW, Luxury SUV and Mini Vans. We are among the very few operators to own and operate almost all makes of new luxury models.


Luxury limo service: Jaadcar limousine service offers some of the most competitive price in the city. We value our clientele and their business, and continually approach them with friendly and professionalism. Our highly trained staff always stand by for customer’s need and specially time management. We offer various categories of services including VIP, Business and economy class.


JaadcarImage1 JaadcarImage2



Airport transfer: Our limo service at Jaadcar extend beyond the airport limo travel in Vienna. We also offer city transfer (door to door service) as well as long distance transfers. Our professional chauffeur will take you around the exciting city of Vienna and tourist spots in style whether you choose city tour package or hourly based limo service.



VIP airport arrival & departure: Jaadcar offers ultimate airport facility and relax environment on request of clients. Modern lounge, airport assistance, express check out and ground transportations and so on.



Multi lingual chauffeur service: We are one of the very few companies’ offers multi-lingual chauffeur service. Our drivers are fluent in English, Arabic, Russian, German and Italian. Jaadcar moreover offers tourist guides and bodyguard service in special occasions.



Our uniqueness: We at ”Jaadcar” endeavors’ to offer our guests to enjoy our service with superiority. Our customers can be benefited by the following particular advantages:


  • Latest models.
  • Flexible pick up and drop off.
  • Fixed vehicle model (not similar).
  • Competitive price.
  • Easy booking and cancellation. (Online, email or phone call)
  • Easy payment method. (we accept bank card, credit card, bank transfer or cash)
  • Multiple insurance policy.


For further information please visit our website or simply call us.                                                                    



Jaadcar GmbH

Parkring 12/2, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Mob: +43 6764405335

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JAF Logo AT CMYK positiv  


JAF Global GmbH

Click on the image to view the folder:


Jaf Folder Jaf Folder2


JAF Global GmbH

Gerbergasse 2  

2000 Stockerau, Austria

T: +43 2266 605-0  

F: +43 2266 62900 

M: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Mandressi GmbH


Founded in 1951 Mandressi company became immediately leader in design and manufacturing of cryogenic tanks.


Up to 1991 Mandressi expanded his engineering and manufacturing capabilities with equipment for refineries, petrochemical and industrial plants. In 1991 Mandressi has been taken over by Daverio family and has extended its range of activities to engineering,water treatment plants,filtration & separation technologies, power stations, refineries and gas treatment plants consolidating at the same time the manufacturing capability.


Mandressi expanded the already significant presence in the oil & gas by establishing Rheochemie GmbH, providing customized additives solution. 


Moreover recently Mandressi has decided to face a new challenge entering in the world of urban planning and architecture design to widen its  range of activities.


The new group created by this strategy , includes expertise coming from different experience and companies, so that we are in position to offer a complete range of capabilities, whatever the kind and the size of projects are.


Mandressi is working in different countries like Iraq, Iran, Oman, Nigeria, Lybia, Belarus and others as engineering and manufacturing since 1981.


Mandressi GmbH

St. Veiter Ring 29
9020 Klagenfurt, AUSTRIA
Tel: +43 463 502788
Fax: +43 463 502844

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M-U-T Maschinen-Umwelttechnik-Transportanlagen GmbH


Technologies for a clean future








Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Metin Akyürek / Attorney at Law



The law office Dr. Metin Akyürek specializes on legal advice in matters of commercial law and public law. In area of the corporate law the focus lies on labour law and corporate law issues. Within the area of public law the main target fields are especially the issues of public commercial law, employment of foreign work force, residence and citizenship law.



The long-standing personal experience of Dr. Metin Akyürek in education and research at several universities along with his activities at the Austrian Constitutional Court contribute to the consideration of a legal advice from various perspectives and to create the best possible solution for the client.




Rechtsanwaltskanzlei Dr. Metin Akyürek

Köstlergasse 1/23
1060 Vienna, Austria

T +43 (0)1/585 0108
F +43 (0)1/585 0108-20

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Sanovet GmbH


SanoVet - Equine Supplements and Medicines


SanoVet is a registered trade mark of the company “Sanovet GmbH”, based in Vienna, Austria. SanoVet was founded as a partnership in 2001 and since then has been dealing with the development and marketing of specialized feed supplements, OTC products for support and improvement of the health and performance of racing horses and leisure horses.


SanovetImage1 SanovetImage2


SanoVet products are mainly based on plant and herbal ingredients. Our ongoing dialog with Veterinarians, trainers and horse owners, as well as our field studies, leads to a permanent improvement of our products and services.


SanoVet supplies a very demanding clientele worldwide: we cater to clients in Europe and export to the Near and Middle East, Asia (via Hong Kong and Singapore), Australia and the US.


In Dubai and Riyadh we are running our own representing offices and in all the regions that we cover, we supply to the most prestigious and worldwide renown racing stables.


In the last years we achieved to take a leading position in the very competitive environment of the equine industry. Today SanoVet stands as a synonym for best service and highest quality standards concerning raw materials, production processes and technological Know How.


Our manufacturing process follows the EU standards and international specifications such as

- ISO 9001: 2000
- HACCP Concept (product- and process-specific risk analysis)
- QS, A-Feed


SanoVet products must pass and be approved by our quality control lab.

SanoVet products are made of natural components such as plants and herbs, grown in Austrian alpine regions and do not contain any hormones, animal byproducts, prohibited substances and will not trigger any doping alarm (unless clearly stated on the label).


The efficiency of SanoVet products has convinced trainers as well as veterinarians since many years. We would be glad to welcome you as well as one of our satisfied clients.


For any further information please contact:

DR. SALIM M. SAAD, Medical Consultant – International Business Director

Riyadh- Saudi Arabia.   P. O. Box 55616 Riyadh 11544 KSA

Tel. /Fax: +966-1-4198433   Mobile: +966-569230692

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Head Office Vienna:

Wolfgang Pfeifer Msc (Econ.), Managing Director

Tel: +43 1 29 40 476 12   Mobile: +43 664 18 44 231

e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Property Logo - The Ritz-Carlton Vienna








The Ritz-Carlton Vienna



Set within four historic palaces, the hotel blends historical influences with modern amenities including Atmosphere Rooftop Bar & Lounge overlooking the city, Dstrikt Steakhouse serving the finest selection of Austrian meat, and the Guerlain spa with a 18 meter long pool.


RitzFront RitzImage1

The rich color palette of both public spaces and the 202 distinctive hotel rooms including 43 sumptuous suites hint at the homage to chocolate, while the hotel’s Chocolate Sommelier leads guests on the journey of the Criollo Cocoa bean, the noblest type of cocoa in the world, in the Melounge Lobby Lounge.


RitzImage2 RitzImage4

Located on the famous Vienna Ringstrasse and adjacent to historic Stadtpark, the hotel allows for easy exploration of top attractions.


In a city that hosts more than 450 balls each year, The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna offers elegant venues for dancing, as well as meetings and weddings, including the Crystal Ballroom, featuring walls embedded with crystals.


Jean-Paul Dantil has joined The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna team as its new General Manager, bringing over 19 years of international experience in hospitality management to the property and the Viennese market.


Dantil joins The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna in an exciting time as the luxury hotel, nestled in the historic heart of Vienna, celebrates the 150th birthday of the iconic Ring Boulevard. Bringing to Vienna a new and fresh allure, the hotel enjoyed an enviable reputation since its opening in August 2012. Globally recognized by readers of the most prestigious travel magazines, The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna has been awarded Best Hotel in Austria in “Travel + Leisure’s 500 The World’s Best Hotels” and “Best Hotel Spa International 2014” by Condé Nast Traveller Middle East.



The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

Schubertring 5-7

1010 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 311 88

Connect with us – www.facebook.com/ritzcarltonvienna




Logo Unicon

 Unicon Management Consulting


The Company


UNICON situated in Vienna, Austria, looks back on more than 26 years of consultation and training. Starting in 1987, UNICON soon became a consultant known for recognizing and considering the individualities of its customers. Through the years a wide range of branches and industries addressed UNICON as their partner. Now Unicon is starting with a branch in Abu Dhabi.

Our customers value the continuous approach to projects as well as the flexibility in reaction to our customer’s needs.


We would like to present two programs for the development of “leadership skills”:


Charismatic Leadership in a multicultural environment

Leadership involves a wide range of qualities and competencies. Not only functional and technical expertise is crucial. The higher the position and the more employees you work with, the higher the need to emphasize social skills.

Social skills are often referred to as “soft skills”. From years and years of experience UNICON has learned that this labeling is inaccurate. Managers, team- or project leaders lacking social skills are often confronted with problems and challenges deriving from inaccurate communication, missing of goal setting, enervation of personal presence or the lack of understanding the employees’ motivations. Understanding and mastering these skills make the difference between an inefficient, unsuccessful leader and a leader who will earn the trust and respect of team and staff.

Leadership is a “hard skill”.


Your advantages of charismatic leadership in a multicultural environment:

  • Ensure successful leading with your individual impression.
  • Get to know the potential of your personal impact and learn how to effectively use it.
  • A fast and effective handling of challenges by your multicultural team takes an authentic and credibly appearance of the leader.

 Unicon image1

Focus of charismatic leadership:

  • Choosing and applying the right methods of communication
  • Personal presence and areal strategies
  • Awareness about your individualities and strengths
  • Prototypes of Leadership
  • Individual appearance
  • Influential power of your personal features on your impact
  • Expanding elements of your personal impact
  • How success or failure affect individual patterns of behavior
  • Feeling and creating emotions

Lateral Thinking


Not only when in Rome – do as the Romans.

“Appius Valerius sat on a flat stone. The emperor had commanded him to build the greatest Colosseum the world had ever seen. He was a well-known and respected architect, but this assignment gave him a headache.”

Wherever problems shall be solved, work situations shall be newly created and new solutions to old problems shall be found.

Today we know that (our fictional) Appius Valerius and all his (non-fictional) affiliates have achieved the impossible. But what happened? They used thinking strategies that set aside old ideas and cleared their minds for new solutions to come. Building the Colosseum was not only a technical masterpiece but foremost a masterly performance of the human brain. It could only be done by improving existing material and inventing new strategies: enhancement of concrete or the implementation of mass-production for example. Brainstorming or picking up impulses from other – not associated – fields were just two of many lateral thinking methods they used to achieve the unachievable.


Your advantages of lateral tinking:

  • Learn this higher form of thinking
  • Find solution to problems with the help of cross-linked think-strategies
  • Realize new projects with new ideas
  • Manage innovation as an everyday requirement

Focus of lateral thinking:

  • The concept of cross-linking logical thinking with creative thinking-strategies
  • The best strategies and think-tools, for finding new ideas, to concretize and realize
  • Swift solution to problems for constructive results
  • Methods of choice for ideas and the choice-filter
  • Evaluation of new ideas
  • Operationalization of ideas, steps for planning and implementation
  • The process of idea-management

Click HERE to see list of references


UNICON Managementberatungsges.m.b.H.
Thurngassse 8/14

A – 1090 Wien

Tel: +43 / 1 / 310 31 41
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Announcement by Grand Hotel Vienna:


Logo GrandHotel



Celebrate like you‘re in 1001 Nights!


A wide variety of facilities are available for your exclusive

Arabic celebration in the Grand Hotel Wien



The Grand Hotel Wien offers catering at the highest level:

An excellent Arabic chef pampers guests with authentic Arabic cuisine.


Tell us your wishes, we will implement them to your full satisfaction.

With our comprehensive know-how and best service, we make every event a success !


Please click on the images to view the flyers in English (left)/ Arabic (right):


Image Flyer Grand eng Image Flyer Grand arab



Grand Hotel Wien
1010 Vienna, Kaerntner Ring 9


Ms. Katharina Stiel
Phone: +43 1 515 80 1822
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Mr. Thomas Kaltenbrunner-Danaher
Tel: +43 1 515 80 1821
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Announcement by Palais Hansen Kempinski:

Logo PalaisHansenKempinski



Michelin Guide's tribute to Restaurant "Edvard" at Palais Hansen Kempinski


Michelin published the Main Cities of Europe Guide 2015, showing great success for the team of restaurant “Edvard” at Palais Hansen Kempinski. This recognition pays tribute to their creativity and the consistent high quality of both kitchen and service. In 2014, “Edvard” was recognised by Michelin for the first time, just 12 months after its opening.


edvard 1 kom


Named after the architect Theophil Edvard von Hansen, the "Edvard", seats 40 people. Tasteful stucco decorations, dark wooden floors and fresh shades of lime green and white make up the charming design palette while modern black and gold chandeliers set a striking contrast. Friends of fine cuisine can enjoy their meal in a casual atmosphere without a formal dress code. The kitchen at the "Edvard" demonstrates what fine dining means today and that true flavour does need many ingredients. Both the choice of ingredients and the culinary techniques used focus on the essentials. The team serves unpretentious seasonal fare, including dishes that have a fresh twist, are made of few, but first-class components and delight with surprising creativity and composition.



Restaurant Edvard at Palais Hansen Kempinski

Schottenting 24, 1010 Vienna

For Reservations: 

e-Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: +43 1 236 1000 8082





Announcement by Kummer Investment & Advisory:




 Merger & Acquisition Training Seminars by IMAA Institute

Vienna, June 2015


Please click on the image below to view Seminar Brochure:



 KummerSeminar Image



Arabic - بالعربية


الغرفة تقيم ملتقى اقتصاديا حول البحرين


بالتعاون مع الغرفة الاقتصادية المحلية بفيينا ومجلس التنمية الاقتصادية بالبحرين، أقامت غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية يوم الأربعاء 4 مارس 2015، ملتقى اقتصادي تحت عنوان: "البحرين.. بوابة دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي"، وذلك بمقر الغرفة الاقتصادية المحلية بفيينا.




حضور أكثر من 120 شخصاً من رجال الأعمال وممثلي الشـركات


وشهد اللقاء حضورا كثيفا على المستويين الدبلوماسي والاقتصادي؛ حيث شارك أكثر من 120 شخصا من رجال الأعمال وممثلي الشركات النمساوية المعنية بالعلاقات التجارية والاقتصادية مع دول الخليجي العربي. كما شارك بالحضور كل من سعادة سفير المملكة العربية السعودية، الأستاذ محمد السلوم، وسعادة سفير المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية، الأستاذ حسام الحسيني. بالإضافة إلى مشاركة دبلوماسية رفيعة المستوى من سفارات دول الإمارات العربية المتحدة والكويت وقطر والمملكة المغربية وسلطنة عمان وبولندا والمجر. كما شارك ممثلون عن بعثة جامعة الدول العربية لدى النمسا والبعثة الدائمة لمجلس التعاون الخليجي لدى الأمم المتحدة في فيينا.



من اليمين: المستشار نبيل الكزبري وسعادة السـفير محمد السـلوم ، السعودية وسعادة السـفير حسـام الحسـيني ، الأردن


واستهل اللقاء بكلمة ترحيبية ألقاها مدير الغرفة الاقتصـادية بفيينا، السيد هاينز فوللينجر Mag. Heinz Wollinger، بالنيابة عن الرئيس المهندس فالتر روك Dip.Ing. Walter Ruck أعرب فيها عن تقديره للعلاقات المتميزة بين النمسا والدول العربية. وأشار إلى ترحيب الغرفة الاقتصادية المحلية بفيينا بالإسهام في تعزيز هذه العلاقات وتطويرها بما يخدم المصالح الاقتصادية والتجارية للجانبين.


وفي كلمته خلال اللقاء أكد السيناتور دكتور ريتشارد شينتس Dr. Richard Schenz، رئيس غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية، على العمق التاريخي للبحرين والذي يمتد إلى 6000 عام وما شهده هذه الفترة من احتكاك بالثقافات والحضارات المتعددة. ولفت إلى أن البحرين معروفة منذ القدم كمركز تجاري، كما أنها تتوفر فيها حاليا الشروط المثلى في محيطها من ناحية منظومة الضرائب.


ومن جانبه قدّم سفير النمسا لدى الكويت (والبحرين)، السيد أولريش فرانك Mag.Ulrich Frank عرضا حول الأوضاع السياسية في البحرين والانفتاح الذي تشهده البلاد، منوها في هذا الإطار إلى وجود أعضاء في البرلمان البحريني من المسيحيين واليهود. كما أن السلطات البحرينية منحت مؤخرا قطعة أرض لبناء كنيسة عليها.


وفي مداخلته خلال الملتقى تحدث السيد سبستيان غيرلاخ Sebastian Gerlach المدير بمجلس التنمية الاقتصادية في البحرين، عن الانفتاح الاقتصادي الذي تشهده مملكة البحرين، وأنها تُقيّم خلال الـ20عاما الأخير بأنها أكثر الدول العربية انفتاحا لإقامة شراكات واستعداد للتعاون الاقتصادي، علاوة على الحرية الضريبية التي تجعلها صاحبة أكثر السياسات الضريبية ليبرالية في العالم.




من اليسـار إلى اليمين: الدكتور أوسكار أنديسنير (غرفة الاقتصاد الاتحادية) ـ المهندس مضر الخوجة ـ سعادة السـفير أولريش فرانك ـ الكتورة غابرييلة فوهرير ـ الكتور ريتشـارد شـينتس ـ السيد فيرنير براونوك و السيد سـباستيان غيرلاخ


السيد فيرنر براونك Werner Braunöck الشريك المؤسس ومدير الاستثمار في شركةNarmo Capital والتي تتخذ من مملكة البحرين مقرا لها، تحدث من جانبه عن خبرته كمستثمر أجنبي في البحرين، مشيرا إلى أن قرار شركته بنقل مقرها إلى البحرين جاء بعد دراسات جدوى اقتصادية معمقة لعدد من الدول، حتى استقر الرأي على البحرين لعدة حقائق، أهمها أنها الدولة الأقل من ناحية تكاليف المعيشة مقارنة بالعواصم المالية العالمية، كما أنها الأولى من ناحية التسهيلات الضريبية.


وأدار الملتقى الأمين العام لغرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية، المهندس مضر الخوجه، والذي قدّم تعريفا بتاريخ مملكة البحرين قديما وحديثا حتى الاحتلال البريطاني، ثم انتهاء الحماية البريطانية على البحرين في عام 1969، كما أجرت البحرين استفتاء في عام 1970 تحت إشراف الأمم المتحدة صوت فيه البحرينيون لصالح بقاء البلاد عربية مستقلة عن إيران. ثم إعلان استقلال البحرين في 15 أغسطس 1971. ولفت إلى أن البحرين تعتبر الأولى بين دول الخليج التي شرعت في تعليم الفتيات وأقامت لهن أول مدرسة في المنطقة عام 1929. كما أنها أول دولة خليجية يتم اكتشاف النفط فيها أراضيها، وذلك في عام 1932.


وشـكر المهندس الخوجة السـيدة الدكتورة غابرييلة فوهرير مديرة قسم التجارة الخارجية في غرفة الاقتصاد المحلية بفيينا على التعاون والتنسيق لهذا الملتقى .



 وفي ختام الملتقى أتيحت الفرصة للتعارف والتشبيك بين أصحاب الأعمال والاقتصاديين والدبلوماسيين من الجانبين خلال بوفيه عشـاء من المأكولات الشـرقية و شمبانيا (فيلينغير رويال) المصنفة حلال والخالية من الكحول .



Bahrain4 Bahrain5





الغرفة تنظم ملتقى اقتصادي مصري نمساوي



بالتعاون مع سفارة جمهورية مصر العربية لدى النمسا والمكتب التجاري المصري بفيينا، أقامت غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية يوم الخميس 26 فبراير 2015 ملتقى خاص ضم وفدا اقتصاديا مصريا رفيع المستوى، وممثلين عن الشركات النمساوية الكبرى.

Report 1


وأقيم الملتقى الذي حضره ممثلون عن أكثر من 60 شركة مصرية ونمساوية، في مقر الوكالة الاقتصادية في فيينا؛ حيث افتتح الملتقى المستشار نبيل الكزبري، الرئيس العربي للغرفة مرحبا بالحضور ومؤكدا على الأهمية التي تتميز بها مصر استراتيجيا وتاريخيا وجغرافيا. وأشار الكزبري إلى أن مصر دولة كبيرة تتميز بالمجالات المتنوعة والمتعددة للاستثمار في كافة المجالات. ولفت الكزبري في الوقت ذاته إلى أن الجانب النمساوي يبدي اهتماما بالاستثمار وبناء الشراكات مع مصر.


 ومن جانبه، أعرب السفير خالد شمعه، سفير مصر لدى النمسا عن ترحيب بلاده بالمستثمرين النمساويين، مشيرا إلى وجود عمل مؤسسي قائم لدعم التبادل الاقتصادي بين مصر والنمسا. ووجه شمعه في هذا الصدد الشكر لغرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية على مبادرتها بإقامة الملتقى.

وبدوره أكد السيد محمد السويدي، رئيس اتحاد الصناعات المصرية على ما يتم من تسهيلات للمستثمرين في مصر، وذلك من خلال التعديلات الجوهرية لقوانين الاستثمار وما يترتب عليها من توفير المناخ المناسب لاجتذاب الاستثمارات الأجنبية إلى البلاد. ودعا السويدي إلى دعم الصناعة المصرية، لكون السوق المصرية هي المدخل والمفتاح للسوق الأفريقية أيضا.


وعبّر السيد عماد الدين تيمور ، رئيس مجلس الأعمال لجمعية الصداقة المصرية النمساوية، عن رغبته بأن تكون غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية هي الشريك للمجلس في النمسا، وهو ما لاقى ترحيبا من الرئيس العربي للغرفة المستشار نبيل الكزبري.


Report 2

وتحدث من الجانب النمساوي، السيد أندرياس جنيسدا Andreas Gnesda رئيس جمعية رجال الأعمال النمساوية Gewerbeverein، الذي قدم تعريفا بمؤسسته، وأكد على أن النمسا لديها تكنولوجيا متطورة من الممكن أن تشكل قاعدة تعاون جيدة بين النمسا ومصر.


كما أعرب السيد دانيال خلاديك Daniel Chladek المدير الإقليمي للخدمات الخارجية في الوكالة الاقتصادية بفيينا، عن ترحيب النمسا بالمستثمرين المصريين الذين يتطلعون للاستثمار فيها، مشيرا إلى أن الوكالة هي الجهة التي تقوم بتقديم الخدمات للمستثمرين الأجانب.


وشهد اللقاء عروضا تعريفية بالشركات النمساوية والمصرية في مجالات متنوعة، وأبدى الجانبان المصري والنمساوي رغبة بتوسيع أطر العلاقات الاقتصادية فيما بينهما.


 Report 3a


وفي هذا الإطار تم توقيع مذكرة تفاهم بين غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية وجمعيـة الصداقـة المصريـة النمسـاوية بهدف تعزيـز العلاقـات بين النمسـا ومصر.




 الأمين العام الخوجه يلقي محاضرة عن (الاقتصاد والاسـلام) في المتحف النمسـاوي للاقتصاد


تمت دعوة الأمين العام لغرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية، المهندس مضر الخوجه، كخبير لإلقاء محاضرة حول (الاقتصاد والاسـلام) في المتحف النمسـاوي للاقتصاد في 24 فبراير 2015.




في كلمته حدد الأمين العام المصادر الرئيسية للتشـريع والاقتصاد الإسلاميين، وعرض القيم الأساسية للاقتصاد الإسلامي وأوضح مبادئه كما قدم تعريفاً عن المصطلحات التقنية ذات الصلة في النظام الاقتصادي الإسلامي واختتم محاضرته بلمحة عامة عن إمكانات العمل المصرفي الإسلامي ومنتجاته.


 وأعقب المحاضرة جلسة أسئلة وأجوبة ونقاش مع الحضور الذي تألف من 40 شخصا تقريبا




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