The Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) - Your strategic business partner for Austro-Arab trade relations!

Services are a major component of our activities. In addition to the legalisation of documents, the AACC facilitates business transactions with the Arab World and provide assistance with visa formalities.

Apart from purely economic issues we now have extended our portfolio to include intercultural events as well as information and consultation platforms. 

We are particularly proud to provide our members with a special network service which links the interest of our members to our partner institutions and related chambers.

AACC Member Services - Overview:

The Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) - Your strategic business partner for Austro-Arab trade relations!



  • Legalisation service: 40% smaller fees for members of the AACC when legalising trade documents, certificates of origin, commercial invoices, contracts, trade marks, translations and health certificates.

  • AACC as coordination office for documents: quick and convenient handling of courier services, hand-in and processing of documents at the Arab Embassies or other institutions as e.g. the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) or the Foreign State Department via the AACC (personal hand-in or sending by post);

  • Visa support & translations: support with entry visa for Arab countries and with drawing up certified translations (Arabic, German, English) etc.

  • Risk analyses: information about country-related and economic risks for initial business contacts at specific request;



  • Invitation to AACC activities: interactive information exchange for all members in the form of AACC round tables, panel & business meetings, panel discussions, AACC Economic Forum& Exhibition and further activities;

  • Subscriptions of all AACC publications: AACC Infomails (current information and early notification on projects and tenders in Arab countries, several times a month, German / English / Arabic); AACC E-Newsletter (information on AACC activities, member information and special section „announcements“ as instrument for announcements from / for members); AACC Job Bulletin (information on job exchange & vacancies)

  • Presentation and electronic “linking“ of the AACC Members: via AACC Newsletter, AACC Website and AACC Facebook Sites;

  • AACC country reports, investigations & analyses: forwarding of country-related information at specific request of members;



  • Supporting trade and economic relations of AACC members through excellent local contacts and comprehensive international network: cooperation with Arab embassies in Austria, Arab Chambers of Commerce, Joint-Arab Chambers of Commerce, General Union of Arab Chambers, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), OPEC, OFID, UNIDO, Ministries and institutions in Austria and the Arab countries, and contact to business men, decision makers and key players in economy and business in Austria and the Arab region;

  • Networking for AACC Members: opportunity of presentation and connection of AACC members with Arab Embassies and further representatives within the framework of AACC events as e.g. AACC Economic Forum, annual General Assembly etc.

  • Recommendation letters for AACC Members to institutions: at specific request



  • The AACC is in charge of the following countries:
    • Austria,

    • Egypt,

    • Algeria,

    • Bahrain,

    • Comoros,

    • Djibouti,

    • Iraq,

    • Yemen,

    • Jordan,

    • Qatar,

    • Kuwait,

    • Lebanon,

    • Libya,

    • Mauritania,

    • Morocco,

    • Oman,

    • Palestine,

    • Saudi Arabia,

    • Somalia,

    • Sudan,

    • Syria,

    • Tunisia

    • United Arab Emirates


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Last modified: January 2017


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