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21st General Assembly of the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce

together with the

22nd Meeting of the AACC Board of Directors 

18 OCTOBER 2011


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Focus: HEALTH > Care, > Innovation & > Tourism
19 OCTOBER 2011

The upcoming "5th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum & Exhibition", which the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce is jointly organizing with its partner "WKO / Gesundheitswirtschaft", the focus is specifically on the topic of health.

Politicians, senior representatives, experts, institutions and companies from Austria and the Arab countries will be present and are going to discuss recent developments and opportunities in healthcare, health tourism and medical innovations.

We are also proud to introduce VAMED, the leading international company acting in the field of health care service, as one of our main sponsors for this event.

If you are interested to participate as an exhibitor, kindly contact us via telephone (01 513 39 65) or e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) for further information and display opportunities.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the 5th Arab-Austrian Economic Forum in October!

in co-operation with     

<<  P A S T    E V E N T S   &   A C T I V I T I E S <<

12 July 2011:
One-day Work Trip to the City of Graz
with Commercial Counsellors, Delegates and Representatives
for Trade & Economy at the Arab Embassies in Austria

Graz, the City of Green Energy, Receives Its Arab Visitors with Open Arms
The Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce (AACC) organized a business trip to the industrial city of Graz, the capital of Styria (Steiermark) some 150 km south west of Vienna. The trip included the visit to a number of companies that deal with alternative energy and waste recycling.
The AACC had invited the heads of the consular and trade sections at the Arab Embassies in Austria to participate in this trip; the attendees were Ms. Jeanne MRAD, First Secretary at the Lebanese Embassy; Mr. Mohamed Nasser Binnasser ALARWY, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Yemen Embassy; Dr. Yousif Ahmed Eltayeb Yousif ELKORDOFANI, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Embassy of Sudan; Mr. Abdellah LARHMAID, First Seretary at the Moroccan Eambassy; Mr. Ziad Tarq Khalel AL-ADHAMY, Second Secretary at the Embassy of Iraq; Mr. Ihab AL-GHOUL, Second Secretary at the Embassy of Palestine; Mr. Bassel SKOUTI, Attaché at the Syrian Embassy; Mr. Hani SAAD from the consular section at the Iraqi Embassy; Mr. Anwar EL AMAD, public relations department at the Embassy of Oman. Messrs. Kamal Ahmad HUSSEIN, a former UNIDO Official and Mr. Rafid AL-MAFRACHI from the council of Iraqi Businessmen were also present.
The members of the delegation upon arrival in Graz
In Graz, the Chairman of the Parliamentary block of the Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) in Graz,Dr. Peter PIFFL-PERČEVIĆ, held a reception for the delegation introducing the city and its high-tech potential especially in the field of alternative energy. He pointed out that Graz is Austria's first source of energy technologies and its uses.
The members of the delegation with Dr. Peter Piffl-Perčević
The Secretary General of the AACC, Eng. Mouddar KHOUJA, elaborated on the depth of the European-Arab relations in the field of ‘Knowledge Exchange’, pointing out Arab scientists as Ibn Sina (Avisenna) and Ibn Roshd (Averroes), who laid the bases of intellect and knowledge, and which Europe used as a starting point to launch its scientific ventures; and we can see the effects on the world today. In this regard, he called on Europe and Austria in particular, to retransfer European technology to the Arab world in the framework of partnerships, thus giving back to the Arabs what has enriched the European’s “march of sciences”. Ms. Jeanne MRAD, Second Secretary at the Embassy of the Lebanese Republic said, in her capacity as current representative of the Council of Arab Ambassadors, that there is dire need of cooperation between Austria and the Arab countries in the fields of environmental protection and the use of ‘green energy’. She urged the Austrian companies to invest in the fields of energy and alternate energy in the Arab countries. 
The delegation also visited Schlossberg, the most important landmark of Graz, which is considered one of the strongest fortresses in the world according to the Guinness book of records.

View on the historic “Schlossberg”
This was followed by a visit to Servus, a company specialized in waste treatment; the visitors were shown the ways the company deals with domestic waste from the minute it is taken over from the citizens to the point of recycling it. The public relations speaker elaborated that 80% of the waste is recycled to usable products such as paper and glass. The remaining 20% is treated chemically to be used later on as fertilizers. He added that the recycling factory is operated solely by solar energy and in winter partially by electricity.
Factory Visit at "Servus“
A number of members of the delegation got the opportunity to test environment friendly cars that function with electricity, and which can go up to a distance of 120 km when charged. In Graz there are four electricity tanking stations and it is advisable to use these cars for commuting in the city and not on long distance travels. The visitors expressed their admiration for this technology.
Delegates ready for the test drive with E-Cars
A visit at the recycling company Saubermacher, located at the new location complex Ecoport, marked the last activity of the program. The delegation was impressed by the building that is based entirely on green energy in electricity generation and heating. They received a detailed explanation about the company's work on the levels of individuals or factories or cities.
This trip was organized by the Austro-Arab Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Member of the Chamber, Mr. Albert KRONBERGER, CEO of a-consult company.
The delegation visiting Saubermacher company at Ecoport
About the city of Graz
The population of Graz amounts to 294 thousand, 65% of which are between the ages of 20 to 65. Women make up 52% of the cities inhabitants. There are 17 districts in the city and the city center is the 1st district, being the ancient historic part with magnificent human heritage. The name of the city dates back to 1128 AD and is derived from the Slovene language (gradec) meaning “the small castle”. A Roman fortress was located in the city, and afterwards the Slovenenes built another small fortress in it that became a strong castle later on.

View over the city of Graz
The unique location of the city of Graz in southeastern Austria is of great economic advantage for the city. The central region of Graz offers more than a third of the industrial products for the province of Styria, and employs 40% of the workers on the level of the region. Graz and the province of Styria are considered the technological factory of Austria as one third of the technical innovations stem from this region. Graz has unique heating supplies, including more than 500 megawatts. In winter the use of energy from waste heat increases. In the summer, energy is produced from industrial waste and gas boilers. Graz has new technological means for heating in the form of solar energy systems.
Following are latest news from selected Arab countries:

Development talks see tangible results
Global Arab Network - A joint push by both the French government and private sector to increase business in Algeria has borne fruit in recent weeks, with several major industrial projects confirmed in sectors including pharmaceuticals, construction materials and automotive manufacturing. The intertwined relationship of the two countries has long underwritten strong commercial links, but this latest round of deals come as major firms from other countries such as Germany, the US and South Korea are also showing interest in Algerian industry, Global Arab Network reports according to OBG.

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Egypt budget setting ambitious targets

Global Arab Network - With its recently passed budget for the 2011-12 fiscal year, Egypt has established a revised set of ambitious targets for tackling its public expenditures. Having rebuffed aid offers from several international organisations and countries, the move is a sign that the country will steer clear of a rising budget deficit on its own accord, Global Arab Network reports according to OBG.

Passed on June 22, the budget set public spending at LE490.6bn ($82.2bn), down 4.65% from the LE514.5bn ($86.2bn) forecast in its draft released earlier in the month. The final budget also cut the deficit for the year from LE170bn ($28.5bn) to LE134.3bn ($22.5bn). This is still 8.6% of GDP but is down from the 9.5% expected in the 2010-11 fiscal year and a significant drop from the 10.9% forecast in the draft budget.

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Planning for the future – Jordan setting up nuclear energy programme

Global Arab Network - Regional events are forcing Jordan to look past its traditional sources of energy, both in terms of feedstock and physical location. Disruptions in the supply of natural gas to the kingdom coupled with rising costs, mean it may look elsewhere for feedstock, while also pushing forward with its own nuclear energy programme, Global Arab Network reports according to OBG

Jordan consumes in the region of 3bn cu metres of natural gas per year and only a small amount of that is produced domestically with 80% of the country’s electricity supply is generated by natural gas secured from Egypt. The kingdom’s natural gas-fed electricity power plants produce 1880 MW per year, fulfilling only around 20% of domestic demand, according to the 2009 annual report from the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the most recent information available.

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Kuwait to create a communication and internet authority

Global Arab Network - Fixed-line telephone services in Kuwait are currently owned by the state, however, this may be set to change, according to recent statements by government officials.
At the same time, the establishment of an independent regulatory agency for the communications sector is being considered. Both of these changes would dramatically affect the country’s internet service providers (ISPs), which have recently been subject to criticism from local internet users for their decision to implement “fair access” policies, Global Arab Network reports according to OBG.

The Kuwait Times reported in early June that the undersecretary of the Ministry of Communications (MoC), Abdulmohsin Hasan Al Mazidi, said that the government has plans to “overhaul” the communications sector within the next two years. These comments came while Al Mazidi was attending the 10th Arab Telecom and Internet Forum, a meeting of government officials and private sector participants that was held in Beirut on June 3 and 4.

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Maintaining Economic Stability - Fitch Affirms Lebanon Stable Outlook

Global Arab Network -  Fitch Ratings has affirmed Lebanon's Long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDR) at 'B' and Short-term foreign currency IDR at 'B'. The agency has simultaneously affirmed the Country Ceiling at 'B'. The Outlook is Stable, Global Arab Network reports according to a press statement.

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Oman sets Middle East’s responsible tourism trend

Global Arab Network - Sultanate of Oman and Jordan lead the way in the Middle East for the development of responsible tourism and are model examples for others in the region to follow, an industry expert says. Justin Francis, co-founder of the pioneering travel website, responsibletravel.com, says Oman and Jordan have been consistently active in implementing sustainable strategies for tourism promotion in a region with “brilliant opportunities” to capitalise on.

Oman’s embrace of ‘responsible tourism’ as the bedrock philosophy of its tourism development strategy was reaffirmed at the 4th International Conference on Responsible Tourism held in Muscat last October. A number of international organizations participated in the event aimed at supporting the Sultanate’s effort in pursuing a sustainable path to tourism development.

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Qatar turning to manufacturing and non-hydrocarbons businesses

Global Arab Network - After several years of substantial economic expansion, Qatar was recently named the wealthiest nation in the world in terms of GDP per capita. However, with many of the oil and gas related projects nearing fruition, focus is turning to manufacturing and other non-hydrocarbons businesses and the role they will play in the local economy, Global Arab Network reports according to OBG.

In mid-June the US-based business magazine Global Finance reported that Qatar’s per capita annual GDP (based on purchasing power parity) amounted to just over $90,000, making it the wealthiest country in the world by this measurement.

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Signs of economic recovery despite investment decrease

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) reached 775.3 million Tunisian dinars (MTD) in the first half year of 2011 compared with 936.6 MTD in the same period of last year, down 17.2 %, Global Arab Network reports according to TAP. Despite this fall, the Foreign Investments Promotion Agency (FIPA) speaks about signs of recovery in the flow of FDI, compared with the 25% decrease recorded since the beginning of the year.

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UAE-based Invest Bank’s Foreign Currency and Financial Strength Ratings Affirmed with ‘Stable’ Outlook 

Global Arab Network - Capital Intelligence (CI) has announced that it has maintained Invest Bank’s (IB) Foreign Currency ratings at ‘BBB’- Long-Term and ‘A3’ Short-Term.   The ratings are underpinned by the support of the federal government and the Bank’s strong capital adequacy ratio.  The Support Rating is maintained at ‘3’ and reflects its private-sector ownership.  IB’s Financial Strength rating is affirmed at ‘BBB-‘, with the Bank’s strong capital base and good profitability being major supporting factors and its small balance sheet and the high customer concentrations in its deposit base being constraining factors.  A ‘Stable’ Outlook is assigned to all the ratings.
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The AACC is pleased to circulate the following announcements
by its esteemed cooperation partners and members



►Mit dem Weltmeister zum Erfolg
Start der Unternehmerakademie mit Michael Walchhofer am Zauchensee
Nach dem Abschied vom Profisport wird der beliebte Salzburger Schistar
Michael Walchhofer nun auch im Schulungs- und Trainingsbereich tätig sein.
Am 2. September 2011 ist Start der Unternehmerakademie in Zauchensee.
Eine Seminarreihe, der Zielgruppe Unternehmer/innen aus dem KMU und EPU Bereich sind.
Im Vordergrund dieser Seminare steht die Praxis, das kennenlernen anderer Unternehmer, neue und konkrete Ideen für sich und sein Unternehmen umzusetzen.
Gestartet wird mit einem Motivationsvortrag mit Michael Walchhofer „Motivation und Leistung“ entscheiden über Erfolg oder Misserfolg“.
Wie im Sport, so gibt es auch in der Wirtschaft Konkurrenz. Ein Sportler muss sich Ziele setzen, ein Unternehmer auch. Nur Konsequenz, Ausdauer und eine positive mentale Einstellung führen zum Ziel.
Das Seminar wird von der Medien- und Kommunikationstrainerin Theresia Zierler geleitet.“Für den ersten Eindruck gibt es keine zweite Chance“. Hier steht die optimale Präsentation des Unternehmens im Vordergrund. Wie präsentieren Sie sich richtig, wie nutzen Sie die neuen Medien für sich? Ein Statement für die Firmenpräsentation wird erarbeitet und die Teilnehmer erhalten eine sendefähige DVD für Ihre Homepage und social media Plattformen.
Ein besonderes Highlight ist das Kamingespräch mit Dr. Susanne Riess- Passer, Generaldirektorin und Vorstandsvorsitzende der Bausparkasse Wüstenrot AG zu Finanzthemen, der europäischen Geldwirtschaft und über berufliche Erfahrungen in Politik und Wirtschaft.
Erleben Sie den Weltmeister Michael Walchhofer als Motivator und hautnah bei sportlichen Aktivitäten rund um das Seminar.
Das Motto: Sauerstoff tanken, frische Ideen holen, erfolgreiche Menschen kennenlernen und damit Ihre Unternehmerpersönlichkeit zu stärken.
Nähere Informationen zur Seminarreihe unter:
Mag. Helmar Grabner MBA
KMU Akademie & Management AG
Museumstrasse 9, 4020 Linz
Hegelgasse 19/4, 1010 Wien
Tel: 0664-2628778

►TRANS4 Transport and Logistics Expo Qatar

TRANS4 is an international annual exhibition  taking place in Qatar for three  from 17th to 19th October 2011 at Doha International Exhibition Center.
TRANS4 is Qatar’s First and Only Transport and Logistics Expo under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al-Thani, Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of State of Qatar. TRANS4 exhibition will bring together innovative technologies, products and services dedicated to the transport and logistics sector in Qatar.
Powered by the growing industrial and trade activities in the GCC countries and in Qatar in particular, Transport and Logistics sector is considered to be one of the most strategic sectors in economic and social development as it plays an important role in the growth of local & regional economies. Gaining great momentum from the large production of LNG, petrochemical and construction development projects, Trans4 also gains more importance following Qatar’s winning of organizing the world cup in 2022 as the state announced enormous direct investments in transport infrastructure. Qatar has announced plans of more than $ 40 billion worth of transport infrastructure projects, including plans for rail projects worth $ 25 billion, in addition to the Doha Metro, the plans include high-speed rail links between New Doha International Airport, Doha city centre and a light-rail system connecting to the upcoming Lusail City.
Being held in parallel to the “GCC Transport & Railways Conference”, TRANS4 exhibition aims to provide opportunities for Transport and Logistics leaders to network with local and regional policy and decision makers to get a comprehensive overview about the importance of this sector, it will also give the exhibitors and visitors a closer look at the entire value chain in Transport and Logistics, i.e. Railways, Shipping, Freight, at a single location.
Looking forward to welcoming you in the exciting opportunity TRANS4 Expo 2011 QATAR presents and inviting you to be part of these business opportunities shaping the future of Qatar and the region.
Click the following link to download Trans4 Qatar Space Booking Form which includes the pricing:
For more info please feel free to visit our website at www.trans4qatar.com

►Austrian Airlines to fly to Baghdad from 8 June 2011

• Three flights a week from Vienna to Baghdad
• Austrian Airlines now flies to two destinations in Iraq
• Serves a total of 12 destinations in Middle East

Austrian Airlines has reincorporated the Vienna-Baghdad-Vienna route into its scheduled flight programme from 8 June 2011 onwards. The carrier will operate a total of three flights a week to the Iraqi capital. The service will be provided using an aircraft from the Airbus A320 fleet.

More information on www.austrianairlines.ag

 جراتس.. مدينة الطاقة الخضراء تفتح ذراعيها لضيوفها العرب
نظمت غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية يوم الثلاثاء 12 يوليو 2011، رحلة عمل إلى مدينة جراتس الصناعية عاصمة ولاية ستيريا (شتايرمارك)، والتي تقع على بعد 150 كيلومترا جنوب غرب العاصمة فيينا. وتضمنت الرحلة زيارة لعدد من الشركات المعنية بتقنيات الطاقة البديلة، وإعادة تدوير النفايات. ووجهت الغرفة الدعوة للسادة القناصل والمفوضين التجاريين في السفارات العربية بالنمسا للمشاركة فيها؛ حيث حضر كل من السيدة جان مراد، السكرتير الأول بالسفارة اللبنانية، والأستاذ محمد العروي، الوزير المفوض بالسفارة اليمنية، والدكتور يوسف الكردفاني، الوزير المفوض بالسفارة السودانية، والدكتور عبد الله لغمائد، السكرتير الأول بالسفارة المغربية، والدكتور زياد خليل، القنصل في سفارة العراق، والأستاذ إيهاب الغول، السكرتير الثاني بسفارة فلسطين، والأستاذ باسل سكوتي الملحق التجاري بسفارة سوريا والأستاذ هاني سعيد بالقسم القنصلي لسفارة العراق، والأستاذ أنور العمد، مسؤول العلاقات العامة بسفارة سلطنة عمان. كما شارك في الرحلة كل من الدكتور كمال حسين أحمد المسؤول السابق بمنظمة اليونيدو، والأستاذ رافد المفرجي من مجلس رجال الأعمال العراقيين.
واستهلت الزيارة بحفل استقبال بمقر بلدية المدينة، أقامه رئيس الكتلة البرلمانية لحزب الشعب النمساوي المحافظ ببرلمان المدينة، الدكتور بيتر بيفل بيرتسيفيتش، الذي قدم عرضا تعريفيا بجراتس وإمكاناتها التقنية العالية، وبخاصة في مجال الطاقة البديلة. ولفت إلى أن جراتس تعدّ المُصدر الأول في النمسا لتقنيات الطاقة واستخداماتها.
وبدوره أكد أمين عام غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية، المهندس مضر الخوجه على العمق التاريخي للعلاقات العربية الأوروبية في مجال التبادل المعرفي، مشيرا إلى علماء العرب من أمثل ابن سينا وابن رشد الذين أرسوا قواعد الفكر والمعرفة، التي اتخذت منها أوروبا قاعدة لها للانطلاق العلمي، الذي تتجلى آثاره على العالم اليوم. وبهذا الصدد دعا الخوجه أوروبا، والنمسا خاصة، إلى نقل التكنولوجيا الأوروبية إلى العالم العربي في إطار من الشراكة، ورد الجميل للتراث العربي الذي أثرى مسيرة العلم الأوروبية.
وفي كلمة لها كممثلة لرئاسة مجلس السفراء العرب في دورته الحالية، قالت السيدة جان مراد السكرتير الأول بسفارة دولة لبنان إن هناك حاجة ملحة للتعاون بين النمسا والدول العربية في مجال حماية البيئة واستخدامات الطاقة الخضراء. ودعت في هذا الإطار الشركات النمساوية إلى الاستثمار في مجالات الطاقة والطاقة البديلة في الدول العربية.
وقام الوفد بزيارة لحصن شلوسبرج، وهو أشهر معالم مدينة جراتس، ويُعدّ من أقوى حصون العالم في تصنيف موسوعة جينيس. وأقامت شركة جراتس القابضة مأدبة غداء تكريما للضيوف.
وأعقب ذلك زيارة قام بها أعضاء الوفد لشركة "Servus" لمعالجة النفايات؛ حيث اطلع الضيوف على خطوات التعامل مع النفايات المنزلية، منذ استلامها من المواطنين وحتى معالجتها وإعادة تدويرها. وأوضح مسؤول العلاقات العامة بالشركة أن نسبة 80% من النفايات يتم تحويلها لمنتجات قابلة للاستخدام، مثل الأوراق والزجاج. أما نسبة 20% فيتم معالجتها كيماويا لتستخدم كمواد تسميدية.
وأشار المسؤول بالشركة إلى أن مصنع تدوير النفايات يتم تشغيله بالكامل من خلال الطاقة الشمسية، أما في فصل الشتاء فيتم الاعتماد جزئيا على الطاقة الكهربائية لتشغيل المصنع.
وحصل عدد من أعضاء الوفد على فرصة اختبار السيارات الكهربائية المحبة للبيئة، والتي تسير بالطاقة الكهربائية وحتى مسافة 120 كيلومترا. ويوجد بمدينة جراتس أربع محطات لتزويد هذه السيارات بالطاقة، فيما يُنصح باستخدامها للتنقل داخل المدن وليس على طرق السفر. وأبدى السادة الضيوف إعجابهم بهذه التقنية لما توفره من راحة في القيادة وحفاظ على البيئة في ذات الوقت.
 وكان Ecoport المقر الجديد لشركة "Saubermacher" المتخصصة في تدوير النفايات، المحطة الأخيرة في زيارة الوفد العربي؛ حيث لمس الضيوف التقنية العالية التي يقوم عليها المبنى، والذي يعتمد كلية على الطاقة الخضراء في توليد الكهرباء والتدفئة. واطلع الحضور على شرح تفصيلي عن عمل الشركة على مستويات الأفراد أو المصانع أو المدن.
وكانت رحلة غرفة التجارة العربية النمساوية للسادة ممثلي السفارات العربية إلى مدينة جراتس، قد تم الإعداد لها بالتعاون مع عضو الغرفة السيد ألبرت كرونبرجر.
رومانية، وبعدها قام السلوفينيون ببناء قلعة صغيرة فيها، والتي صارت بعد فترة حصناً منيعاً. ويبلغ تعداد سكان مدينة جراتس 294 ألف نسمة، منهم نسبة 65% تتراوح أعمارهم بين 20 و65. وتمثل النساء في المدينة نسبة 52% من السكان. وتنقسم المدينة إلى 17 حيا، يتوسطها الحي الأول، وهو مركز المدينة، ويمثل المدينة العتيقة ذات التراث الإنساني البديع. وحملت المدينة اسمها في عام 1128. وكلمة جراتس مشتقة من اللغة السلوفينية، وتعني القلعة الصغيرة gradec (جراديتش)؛ حيث كانت المدينة مقرا لقلعة
وموقع مدينة جراتس المميز في جنوب شرق النمسا، جعل لها ميزة اقتصادية كبيرة. فالمنطقة الوسطى من مدينة جراتس تقدم أكثر من ثلث المنتجات الصناعية لولاية شتايرمارك، وتحظى بنسبة 40% من العاملين على مستوى الإقليم. وتعد مدينة جراتس، وولايتها شتاير مارك، مصنع التكنولوجيا للنمسا؛ حيث تأتي ثلث الابتكارات التقنية في النمسا من هذه المنطقة.
وتمتلك جراتس إمدادات تدفئة مميزة بما يزيد على 500 ميجاواط. وفي فصل الشتاء يزيد استخدام الطاقة الناتجة عن النفايات في التدفئة. وفي الصيف تنتج الطاقة عن النفايات الصناعية ومراجل الغاز. ولجراتس وسيلة تكنولوجية جديدة للتدفئة متمثلة في أنظمة الطاقة الشمسية.
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