Events & Activities 2008




March 3, 2008

CONSULTATION DAY ON GULF STATES” in AACC premises. An opportunity to gather vital information for commercial activities within the GCC states. Lectures held by Austrian experts on the area: Commercial Counsellor Dr. Penzias, WKO & Dr. Strohal, lawyer (RAK, UAE), Commercial Counsellor Dr. Seuchter, WKO & Dr. Hundt, lawyer (Saudi Arabia). (20 PAX)


March 3 to 4, 2008

AACC ACTING AS CO-PROMOTER: "2 DAY SEMINAR ON THE GULF STATES"provided sensitive information regarding business opportunities, market entry and legal formalities by experts (commercial counsellors, bankers, attorneys) from the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Austria. AACC acted as promoter to the ICC(International Chamber of Commerce). The seminar was held at the premises of the WKW (Vienna Chamber of Commerce). (30 PAX)


March 11,2008

"ALGEBRA AND ARITHMETIC - ORIENTAL CONTRIBUTION TO EUROPEAN CULTURE". The intent of this event was to highlight the Arab contribution to European Philosophy, Algebra and Music. The event was followed by a reception at the Conventions Hall of the RZB (Raiffeisen Zentral Bank). Lecturers: Univ. Prof. Dr. Hans Kaiser, Vice Rector of Technical University Vienna, Dr. Jameleddine BEN-ABDELJELIL, Institute for Oriental Studies Uni Vienna, Prof. Paul Angerer, Composer and Musician. (70 PAX)


April 15, 2008

AACC AS STRATEGIC PARTNER: DAW FORUM, cultural evening, at the Natural History Museum on the topic: "The Role of Arab Women in Documentary Films"


April 24, 2008

"AACC IN AWO/WKO EXPORTTAG" at the Palladium Vienna Donau City Exhibition Hall. Speeches and presentations by WKO President Dr. Leitl, as well as Dr. Martin Bartenstein, Austrian Federal Minister of Economy. Commercial Counsellors from various parts of the world had the opportunity to participate in workshops as well as Q&A sessions. The AACC booth among 40 others from service providers was one of the most colorful and best frequented ones. (1000 PAX)


April 25, 2008

CONSULTATION DAY ON IRAQ” in AACC premises offering members and other interested audience detailed information and the opportunity for business in Iraq. The event had a specific focus on the economical as well as public and personal safety situation in the country. Specialist: Dkfm. Oscar Smrzka, Commercial Counsellor WKO for Irak. (14 PAX)


May 5, 2008
"ARAB OIL & RENEWABLE ENERGY". A panel discussion with subsequent Q & A session. Moderation: Dr. Franz Fischler, EU Commissioner; Lecturers: Dr. Böhme (OMV), Dr. Obersteiner (IASA), Dr. Sami Karaki (AUB, Lebanon). Followed by a Buffet-Dinner at the premises of the RZB (Raiffeisen Zentralbank). Unfortunately the addressed speakers from ARAMCO and OPEC finally did not show up. (170 PAX)


June 4, 2008

Four Sudanese Ministers met Dkfm. Dr. Stepic, CEO of RI and President of the AACC, together with AACC members, where a discussion took place on possible investments in Sudan. (30 PAX)


June 6, 2008
“Sudan Between Conflict and Prosperity” Conference. Sudan Delegation

At the Festsaal at the Diplomatic Acedemy of Vienna, Conference with panels on the topic: (Sudanese economy, Peace and Development in Southern Sudan & Darfur, Political Situation). AACC invited AACC members


June 26, 2008

"THE IMPORTANCE OF NETWORKING AMONG TRADE DELEGATES AND EMBASSY REPRESENTATIVES", 10 Commercial Councellors of Arab Embassies present.Lecturer: Mag. Ron Willis, President of Club of Trade Delegates (of alls foreign countries in Austria), followed by a cocktail reception at AACC premises.


June 30 to July 4, 2008

"TRAINING COURSE" for high-ranking Arab officials of Arab Chambers of Commerce in cooperation with the WKO(Austrian Chamber of Commerce) The event was attended by seven delegates from Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria and Kuwait. AACC delivered the full organization and its functionaries accompanied the Arab guests during their stay in Vienna and Austrian provinces. (10 PAX)


July 4, 2008

"GET TOGETHER" at Grand Hotel, with members of the AACC. Lecture by Dr. Burger-Scheidlin from the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce-Vienna) on “Strategies for increased competetivness in the light of global competition” followed by a lunch at the Grand Hotel. (40 PAX)


September 17, 2008

CONSULTATION DAY ON ALGERIA, LIBYA AND TUNISIA” in the premises of the AACC, with the Commercial Counsellors of the WKO (Federal Chamber of Commerece) Mag. Ulrike Straka (in Algiers); Mag. David Bachmann (in Tripoli) (12 PAX)


October 16, 2008

"Al Hoota Cave - A Research and Tourist Project in the Sultanate of Oman", followed by "MUSSELS & DRY SPARKLING" reception at the Museum of Natural History in Vienna. A special lecture given by Dr. H. Seemann, director of the Department on Mineralogy and Petrography, NHM, and Dr. H. Sattmann, Head of the Biology Department,NHM. (48 PAX)


November 7, 2008

"ICE AGE ARABIA: Archeology, Genetics and Paleo Environments along the highway of Human Evolution", Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Rose, Oxford University, followed by a reception at the Hilton Plaza. On the occasion of the "South Arabian Symposium", which took place at the University of Vienna.


November 24, 2008

"2ND ARAB-AUSTRIAN ECONOMIC FORUM & TRADE EXHIBITION" AT HOTEL HILTON AM STADTPARK, simultnaeously held with AACC's GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Traditoinal lunch with Their Excellencies the Arab Ambassadors, AACC members and friends. Afternoon: Lectures, Panel Discussions, Expert's Corner, Fashion Show, Wine Tasting, Arabic and Austrian Music.


November 24, 2008

29th Meeting of the Board of Directors of the AACC / 18th AACC General Assembly


December 17, 2008
"Palestinian Afternoon" for members and friends of the AACC, organised in cooperation with the Palestinian Mission in Vienna. Presentation of Palestinian Products.
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