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Sharaka Issue 1/2010 | Focus on Egypt (English) < >  شراكة العدد 1/2010 | مصر - الإصدار العربي

In June 2010, the AACC together with its media partner UIK-Austria (Austria Entrepreneurs’ Information Campaign) proudly introduced the new AACC magazine Sharaka  - Business with Arabian Partners, a supreme novelty within the Austrian media and business landscape.

Published in English/Arabic on a bilingual structure, Sharaka appeals both with a modern and attractive layout inspired by oriental and occidental designs and a broad diversity of topics:

• Detailed country features;
• Exclusive interviews with high profile figures such as Presidents, Secretaries General, Ambassadors, Trade Commissioners, Tourism Managers, CEO’s etc.;
• Economic analyses and reports from the Arabic countries and Austria;
• Specials on various sectors/industries;

• Top background information from AACC member countries;
• Export success stories
and many more.
Sharaka is published periodically with a minimum of 80 pages plus 4 cover pages. 

Run: 3000 copies plus an additional 47.000 to be distributed as a supplement embedded in “UNTERNEHMER”, the Austrian Service Magazine of UIK for Small and Medium Enterprises; Layout & Text in Arabic and English
Target Group: 

- Members of the AACC 

- Arab Embassies in Austria/Austrian Embassies in Arab Countries

- Mission of the Arab League; General Union of Arab Chambers of Commerce and related Joint Chamber

- Local and international partner institutions and cooperators of AACC such as WKO, AWO, OPEC, OFID, ICC, OEGV as well as small and medium enterprises

- Export-oriented enterprises with special focus on Austria/Arab countries

- Special distribution at Austrian Airlines Business Class Flights (Arab destinations) and the AUA Business Lounge
For further interest in Sharaka, advertisement sales and format rates,
kindly contact us at AACC: 
Project coordination (AACC):
Mag. Leila KAPLAN
Tel: +43 1 513 39 65 - 22
Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Editor in Chief (AACC):
Tel: +43 1 513 39 65 - 15
Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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